Creating your own Flappy Bird

On iOS, Android and Web

Due to time constraint we would not conduct this workshop today, but instead you can give this a try at your own time and do message or tweet me at @joevo2 if you faced any issue.

Before you start

  • At least some basic understanding of programming is needed, preferably in JavaScript as this is the main language used throughout this course

PS: But no worries, armed with just common sense and a bit of patience you can go through this workshop as well. If you need any help you can just raise your hand or message me at @joevo2


  1. Create your own game using Expo + PixiJS

  2. Publish the app to a website or at least run it on your phone

Extended Export the Expo Snack project, run it locally with Expo, initialise the project with Git and push it to your own GitHub repository so that you can showcase to the world what you've done and brag during interview :D


  • We will be using Expo Snack online editor as the main tools to create this application.

  • We will need your iOS or Android phone installed with the Expo mobile app, so that the app can tested on your phone as Three.js cannot run in the Expo Snack web environment.

  • Most of the workshop content will be based off this official tutorial written by @Baconbrix. Do give him a tweet of appreciation. We will be using this source code instead because it is more up to date.

Extended You can download the source code with Expo Snack and run it on your local machine, push to GitHub and have your own production build of the app.

Getting started

This guide is still a work in progress, do explore around the code and tweak around the value to understand how all the moving part works in the app.

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